Honey consumption is key to preserving biodiversity

The essential role of bees.

The use of pesticides has put bees in danger of extinction. According to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, bees pollinate 77% of the plants that produce the food resources of the whole planet.

How does pollination work?

In a single day a bee can visit thousands of flowers of the same species, collecting nectar and pollen and endlessly spreading pollen granules throughout the flowers. This initiates pollination, the process by which plants reproduce themselves and bear fruit and seeds.

Aleluya + Beevero

We collaborate with Beevero, an undertaking that protects biodiversity by providing shelter to solitary bees, i.e., those that do not live in hives.
Beevero is in charge of seeding plants and creating shelters to attract and preserve pollinating insects.



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