Honey from the honeycomb to your table

At Aleluya, we work as a community: we are part of a network of more than 200 beekeepers.

We choose producers from Tandil and the sea & mountains basin the environmental impact generated by moving from one place to another and we work according to a model of ecological and sustainable agriculture.
We are passionate about what we do, we believe in the value of quality.

Aleluya is a natural honey

The color, aroma and flavor of Aleluya come from the nectar collected by the bees in the flowers they visit.
In Tandil and surrounding areas, thistle, lotus, sunflower and clover crops abound.

Our honey:
– Is light amber in color,
– has a strong floral aroma and flavor, and
– is natural, soft and delicate.

Choose eating honey

Every time you consume honey,
you protect the bees.

At Aleluya, we work with the conviction of taking care of them and preserving them.

+ Honey, a healthy sweetness
Honey is a natural product: At Aleluya we offer it pure, without additives.
+ It energizes
Honey improves physical performance, increases endurance and provides a great deal of energy to the muscles.
Many athletes consume it before and after their workouts.
+ It protects against the oxidative stress
Honey is a powerful antioxidant.
+ It improves the intestinal microbiota
Honey feeds the good bacteria of the intestinal microbiota: that is why it is considered a natural prebiotic.
+ It helps to fall asleep
Honey promotes the secretion of melatonin, a key hormone that regulates sleep-wake states.
+ It makes your skin look better
Thanks to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it helps to improve the acne and other skin pathologies.



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The beginning of Aleluya

The calendar marked the end of the school year and the Pereyra Iraola family was leaving with their seven children for Tandil, where they had a farm they had named Aleluya.

One midday, they invited a local beekeeper to join them at the family table. He asked if anyone was interested in learning his trade. Albertina, the 14-year-old daughter, was the only one who raised her hand.

Albertina learned the trade and three times a year she traveled to the countryside to work with her bees. The production was not large, but sufficient for her small-scale enterprise.
Later, she met Jaime Feeney; they married and had children but this situation did not alter her routine with beekeeping.

In 1987, Aleluya’s history changed forever when Jaime proposed Albertina to apply his knowledge of the corporate world and thus transform the business into a small & medium-sized company.

They moved to Tandil with their children and rented a warehouse.

The quality of the product soon made them reach all the big supermarkets.

Soon after, they started working with other beekeepers in the area.
On their first business trip to Europe they discovered that Argentine honey was very well accepted.

They had won the battle of quality and were going then for innovation. Thus, Aleluya was the first honey brand to have their own dispensers and, since then, novelties in the company are commonplace.

Albertina's first home production of honey.
Aleluya launches its first products to the market.
First export of Aleluya honey.
Opening of Aleluya's industrial plant.
Launching of Aleluya sauces.
Development of the national distribution network and new product lines.
Incorporation of lines of sweet & sour sauces and functional honeys.
Launch of Don Atilio milk caramel spread + Aleluya honey.
Launching of honey cacao: Aleluya + Mamuschka.