+ Milk caramel spread with Aleluya honey

Our milk caramel spread with honey is healthier than the conventional one since we replace glucose with honey.

This innovative product represents the best of Tandil’s food industry, since we make it in collaboration with our neighbors, the Don Atilio dairy company. It is a milk caramel spread with honey that honors Tandil, the most important beekeeping and dairy basin in Argentina. Gluten free. Without wheat, oats, barley and rye.

Dulce de leche con miel x 400g.
Traditional container.
Dulce de leche con miel x 440g.
PET container with a screw cap. It has been self-designed and is reusable and unbreakable.
It stands out because of its creamy consistency. It features a smooth and soft texture, a flavor and aroma typical of our region and the characteristic touch of the prairie bees honey flavor.